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No RE Conference League games to be played in remainder of 2020

There has been communication between the unions/federations and Rugby Europe over the past few weeks to see where everyone is regarding COVID-19 and playing international rugby again. The decision from Rugby Europe is that there will be no Conference League or Development League games for the remainder of this calendar year, based on the information received from the unions; a decision which we are in agreement with.

In early December the Rugby Europe board will discuss the possibility of resurrecting the league in the spring of 2021. If this is possible, the Mighty Mouflons will complete the fixtures that were postponed in spring 2020 - away against Israel and home against Slovenia. You can see the past scores and current rankings in the 2019-20 RE Conference 1 South League here.

As and when more information is available, we will publish details here and share news on our social media profiles. In the meantime, we wish you well and thank you for your continued support while we look forward to getting back to international rugby!


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