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T1 Rugby in Cyprus

Limassol Crusaders players after the T1 Rugby match.

On Saturday 24 February 2024, the Cyprus Rugby Federation's Development Officer, Dave Lee, introduced World Rugby's new T1 Rugby to Limassol Crusaders RFC.

What is T1 Rugby?

T1 Rugby is a non-contact game with teams of 7 players, but is flexible and can be played up with to 10 players on each side. The full game is 20 minutes and is played on half a pitch.

You still have the normal elements of the game: passing, kicking, scrums and lineouts (both uncontested), with touch or tag type rules and no tackling. T1 Rugby is a game for everyone, played by anyone.

The CRF will be looking to roll T1 Rugby out to the other clubs on the island as well as schools soon. For more information please contact Rick Wadmore at or Dave Lee at



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