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CRF Runs two Successful World Rugby Courses with Malta RFU

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Over the weekend of 3-4 September, Cyprus Rugby Federation ran two Wo

rld Rugby courses in conjunction with Malta Rugby Union.

The first course on Saturday was a referees’ course, which was run by Cyprus Rugby’s educator Mark Nowell and Sam Ramage from Malta Rugby. The course had four participants - three from Cyprus and one from Malta.

The second course on Sunday was the coaching course, taken by Rick Wadmore - Cyprus Rugby’s Technical Director - which had eight participants all from the island. Both courses took place at Art Design, Heritage School and we would like to thank Artemios Papageorgiou for all his help in allowing the course to go ahead.

Both courses had to work in very hot weather, and we are pleased to say everyone passed their respective course. This now means Cyprus Rugby has three more referees who will be helping in the minis tournaments during the upcoming season. The on-island clubs now have at least one new coach. This new knowledge will help within the minis section for each of the clubs.

Cyprus Rugby Federation would like to thank all the participants and educators for making this a very successful weekend.

Next weekend, there are two more World Rugby courses taking place. We will have two days of First Aid in Rugby, and we're pleased to say that both courses are fully booked.

The course we are running will help develop and increase the safety for everyone involved - both playing and coaching. Having the correct training will also increase the fun for those playing, especially the next generation of players.

Mark Nowell, CRF Referee Coordinator, running the referees' course on 3 September
Mark Nowell, CRF Referee Coordinator, running the referees' course on 3 September


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