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Cyprus Rugby Launches Get Into Rugby 2.0

Thursday 29 February 2024 saw the launch of World Rugby's participation initiative, GIR 2.0 (Get Into Rugby), in Cyprus.

Rugby balls on a pitch, with children playing rugby in the background

This is a reimagined version of the original Get Into Rugby, originally rolled out in 2016, which will focus on player retention and not just recruitment.

Dave Lee, Cyprus Rugby's Development Officer, together with General Secretary Antonio Fiorillo, visited Dimotiko Katharis – Dimitri Liperty school in Larnaca to deliver a rugby skills session to students at the school aged 11 and 12.

The session started at 9am and ran through until 1pm with 110 children taking part. They were spilt in to 5 groups and were engaged for around 45 minutes each.

Each group was exposed to basic rugby skills including running with the ball, catching and passing, scoring a try and a variety of competitive mini drills between groups. The session then concluded with a small sided game of multi pass in a 4m square box to encourage pass and move with the emphasis on communication. The mini game is based on the completion of 5 successful passes, which earns a team 1 point and then the other team restarts in an attempt to score, however if the ball is intercepted or goes to ground then it is ‘ball over’ to the opposition and they start again.

The children were very enthusiastic during the sessions and everyone said they enjoyed it and it was a new sport that they had never experienced before.

One positive outcome from all the groups taking part was that there were a number of children, both girls and boys who asked if they could play again.

World Rugby's Get Into Rugby logo

They were signposted to their local club, Larnaca Spartans RFC, who train each Sunday at American Academy Junior school in Larnaca at 10am.

Ms Andri, PE Teacher at Dimotiko Katharis – Dimitri Liperty school who played a key role in organising the day was extremely happy with the outcome and how all the children during the day had engaged in the activities with commitment and enthusiasm. She said “I am very grateful to Cyprus Rugby for their time today and can see that the children enjoyed themselves very much. I am sure I will get other children who have seen what has happened today asking me when they can play. Hopefully Cyprus Rugby can come back soon and do it again.”

Cyprus Rugby Federation is committed to making the sport of rugby more accessible and relevant to more young people more of the time in the anticipation that they will enter the sport as players and continue to play.

As a team sport, grassroots rugby is a proven driver of positive social and wellbeing for participants, building stronger personal values, togetherness and team culture, while also contributing to health benefits by encouraging physical activity across all age groups.

If anyone would like further information on GIR 2.0 in our schools, please feel free to contact Dave via email at


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