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Cyprus 7s Win Rugby Europe's Conference 2 Championship

Cyprus V Greece players walking out of the changing rooms tunnel onto the pich on 24 March 207 for Cyprus Rugby first ever international rugby match.

Cyprus' first international rugby match was at home against Greece on 24 March 2007, with the Mouflons achieving a resounding 39 - 03 victory. Rugby is still very much an emerging sport in Cyprus but the incredible early success of our national team has set the tone for a long and bright future of rugby on the island. Cyprus Rugby enjoyed a string of 24 wins from 29 November 2008 until 01 November 2014 and held the world record for the most consecutive international rugby union wins. This record was eventually surpassed by England Women, who achieved 25 consecutive wins on 14 September 2022. 


Our loyal fans around the world show tremendous support via social media and by attending matches or watching the livestreams and have adopted our Mighty Mouflons nickname! 


The CRF works constantly to develop and promote rugby in Cyprus and our aim is to get the sport played in every school, town and community across the island. The federation relies on the support of its rugby-loving volunteers who contribute their time and skills to keeping rugby active both domestically and internationally. If you would like to become part of our rugby family through playing, coaching, officiating or joining the committee, please contact us to find out how you can get involved.

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