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Cyprus Rugby celebrates International Women's Day

International Women's Day gives us the perfect opportunity to help #BreaktheBias by acknowledging and celebrating the women involved in rugby in Cyprus. From players, coaches, club committee and federation committee members, the Cyprus Rugby Federation and its four official clubs are lucky to have women involved at every level contributing valuable skills and experience to support the existence and progression of rugby on the island. We also express our appreciation to all the women who give their time and support by attending training, tournaments and matches at both club and international levels throughout the season.

Imagine a gender equal world.

A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.

A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

A world where difference is valued and celebrated.

Together we can forge women's equality.

Collectively we can all Break the Bias.

Sue - Cyprus Rugby Federation
Sue - Cyprus Rugby Federation

Sue Treasurer - Cyprus Rugby Federation

"When I lived in UK my sons played Rugby and realized how much of a family sport rugby is. So when we moved to Cyprus, my youngest son started playing for the local club, in turn I started helping at games etc. When the international games was held in Paphos I volunteered to help at the stadium and just loved the way it feels like a big family. Then after some years I was asked if I would like to be Treasurer of the national team, which I jumped at."

Emma Marketing Team - Cyprus Rugby Federation

Emma Marketing Team - Cyprus Rugby Federation

"My 3 boys played rugby in the UK, so when we moved to Cyprus we immediately looked for the rugby community in Pafos, which led us to the Tigers and then Cyprus Rugby. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there's such a big rugby community in Cyprus, so I had to get involved to help raise the profile of the sport on the island. Along with my husband, who makes up the other half of the CRF marketing team, I wasted no time getting my hands dirty by joining the CRF committee and taking on the marketing role completely. The CRF and its clubs are supported by a relatively small but highly dedicated group of people who love the sport and only want to see it flourish in Cyprus. I'm extremely proud to be part of an organisation full of so much heart and passion, win or lose. To me rugby epitomises respect, discipline and sportsmanship and can be enjoyed by players and fans of all ages. I miss going to Twickenham for the London Sevens and Autumn Internationals and being able to go and watch London Irish, but rugby in Cyprus has its own charm and appeal and I'm grateful to be a part of it!"

Karen - Larnaca Spartans RFC

Karen Ladies Club Captain, Club Vice Chair & Juniors Coach - Larnaca Spartans RFC

"I started when the club was formed taking my children to training and tournaments, as soon as the ladies team was formed I joined and have participated in all games as ladies club captain. I was also the club’s president for a year and am now the vice chair of the club. This is alongside my role as a coach for the juniors. My family have always had a love of rugby and I am happy to have found a club where we can continue that. We all enjoy playing and of course the social side that is offered is a bonus."

Leah - Larnaca Spartans RFC

Leah Player, U9s Coach & Public Relations Officer - Larnaca Spartans RFC

"I am public relations officer for the club, so i handle social media and also organise social events. I am a level-1 coach and coach the Under 9's teams, I also play for the Spartans, we have mainly played tag rugby and touch rugby and i am hoping to be fielded once the CRF select women for the national 7's team!

I have loved rugby from a young age, my dad, Lee Riches used to play for the Limassol Crusaders when I was a child, it had a massive impact on me growing up, watching my dad play. I always thought rugby players showed such strength and discipline. So when I moved back to Cyprus in 2018, i knew i had to be involved with the Spartans."

Carolina - Nicosia Titans RFC

Carolina Training player, official water carrier & supporter - Nicosia Titans RFC

"The boys from Nicosia Titans let me join them for training sessions this season, and went to cheer (and as official water carrier haha) to the games. Sadly, training has been suspended due to lack of people. However, I'm looking forward to joining the Larnaca Ladies if they restart their touch rugby sessions. Also joined the Ladies and Youth session organized by Cyprus Rugby last month which was great fun. Sadly for the moment there are no women's games, but hopefully it will gather more interest and we will be enough people to play.

I started playing rugby by chance at University and have been playing ever since. I love the spirit of the sport. Training sessions teach you to push yourself and bond with your teammates, games teach you to be competitive but also disciplined when respecting the referee's orders and the third-half lets you socialize and share a good time with both your teammates and your opponents. It has it all! I played in my home country (Spain). When I went on Erasmus to Finland I joined the local team and, when I moved to Cyprus, of course the first thing I made was look for rugby teams! :)"

Rangitiare - Larnaca Spartans RFC

Rangitiare Past player & current overseas supporter - Larnaca Spartans RFC

"I have been playing rugby since I was a toddler. Rugby brings me joy and I want to inspire this in others, especially girls. It was great to be able to share this love with my Spartans friends when we lived in Cyprus. I have continued rugby in NZ, playing for my club and being a member of the Wellington Junior Girl’s Rugby Development group. I hope I can encourage more girls to join in and experience the excitement of rugby."


If you would like to get involved and become a part of the rugby community here in Cyprus, please find your local rugby club or email to find out more.


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